Press Reviews

"Here are the classics neither a problem or dead-weight, but simply the starting point for contemplation and renewal. And just as inventive and visionary it obviously is, just as effortless and show-man like the extremly complex and millimeter-precise show is delivered."
(Jakob Levinsen in Weekendavisen, 13 May 2015)

"The american Ming Tsao, born in 1966, subjected himself to a dose of hard work and presented the brilliant ensemble ascolta with a half hour full of vitality, variety and fun to play." (, 1st May 2013 about the premiere of Tsao "Plus Minus" at the Witten Days of New Chamber Music)

"In a late night performance at the Stuttgart Theaterhaus the Dane reworked the aria of the Queen of the Night. Sung (yes, sung) by the trumpeter with flickering disco lights and grotesque electronic distortion. However, the expressive substance of Mozart's music was not destroyed but somehow increased: the done-to-death classic was saved succesfully by the surreal remixing." (Kölner Stadtanzeiger, 13 February 2013 about the premiere of Steen-Andersen "Inszenierte Nacht" in Stuttgart)

"But one is thankful that the ensemble ascolta and the renowned Experimental Studio demonstrated such a enormously high level of ability that the delicately painted mixtures of Torvund's "Forest Construction" became audible." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 25 October 2013 about ascolta's concert in Donaueschingen)

"The Ensemble ascolta displayed outstanding brilliance, for example Schwind and Digby, the trumpeter and the trombonist, who acquitted themselves spectacularly in 'Morceau de concours' by the always original and entertaining Mauricio Kagel." (Diario de Sevilla, 12 April 2012 about the ascolta concert in Teatro Central, Sevilla)

"The musicians created unique filaments of tension with philosophical pretensions out of bare, tenuous, inhospitable wisps. Music which troubles all expectation, suitably and adequately performed." 
(Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 20 November 2011 about ascolta's concert 'John Cage 99th)

"With or without a conductor: the ensemble ascolta was precisely together and one was astonished at the details of sound."

(Reinhard Kriechbaum writing in DrehPunktKultur about the film concert of March 10th 2011 at the Salzburg Biennale)

"The group played the world premiere of the three movement "Chopin transcriptions" by ascolta's trombonist Andrew Digby. It was wonderful how the musicians let the spirit of the polish composer shine through and disappear again, quotations from his Nocturnes stretched in slow motion, overlaid with foreign material and, so, transformed into a strangely distorted acoustic dream world. The sleep of reason creates monsters. Tonight they were rather beautiful."

(Stuttgarter Nachrichten, September 17th 2010)

"The outstanding musical accomplishment, the seriosity with which ascolta dedicated itself to the work in hand and the enthusiasm with which the musicians presented the pieces all demand the highest respect. Breathtaking drum soli (Lukas Schiske) and, it goes without saying, the highest concentration for over two hours demonstrate ascolta's credo: "can't do, doesn't do".

(Dresdner Neue Nachrichten, October 13th 2009 about ascolta plays Zappa)

"Zappa's late synclavier constructions were arranged masterfully by the ensemble ascolta and filled a whole evening's concert with unusual music."

(Positionen, Texte zur aktuellen Musik, November 2009)

"The individual dynamic of the number sequence and the linguistic richness of the poetry continue to grow in Riehm's composition, initially through the eloquent diversity of actions from the contrabass clarinet and later through the finely differentiated responses and continuations from the quartet comprised of violin, cello, trumpet and trombone. Theo Nabicht and the ensemble ascolta have created a brilliantly articulate interpretation."

(Paul Hübner, writing on June 17th 2009 on about the recording of Rolf Riehm's "aprikosenbäume gibt es, aprikosenbäume gibt es" for contrabass clarinet and ensemble)

"The magnificent interpretation by the ensemble ascolta weaves a dense, virtuoso tapestry with an extremely plastic and precise aural picture opening a large associative space to the listener."

(Bayern 4 Klassik CD-Tip, November 26th 2008 about the same recording)

"Also premiered was Gerhard Stäbler's "Luftspiegelungen" (Reflections in Air), a expressive, differentiated music sounding out the acoustic qualities of its materials — from the shrill scream of breaking glass to tender paper sounds and the metallic. Excellent: the ensemble ascolta"

(Tiroler Tageszeitung, September 22nd 2008)

"ensemble ascolta — simply outstanding."

(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, July 22nd 2008)

"The winner in this concert was Paul Hindemith with his first Chamber Music from 1922. Pointedly fresh, with an intensively cool melos and genially inspired musical craftsmanship this piece does not mourn the loss of any middle ground but, looking towards the future, celebrates it. Performed with much élan and precision by the ensemble ascolta under Alejo Perez."

(Stuttgarter Nachrichten about the concert of August 30th 2007 for the European Music Festival of the International Bach Academy)

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