Concert Series ascolta plays...

ascolta began in 2008 to promote its own concert series "ascolta plays …" supported by the City of Stuttgart. Since 2017 in cooeration with the series"SUEDSEITE NACHTS" by MdJ.


08 November, Stuttgart Liederhalle

ascolta plays Gebrauchsanweisungen

with works by Clemens Gadenstätter, Malte Giesen, Neele Hülcker, Benjamin Schweitzer (composition) und Anderwald/Grond, Astrid S. Klein, Daniel Kötter und Lillevan (video)
Steffen Tast - conductor
Gebrauchsanweisungen is supported by Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung and the city of Stuttgart
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20 March, Stuttgart Theaterhaus P1

ascolta plays Pazific

works by Chung Ting Pang, Chow Jun Yan, Ming Tsao, SukJu Na and Xu WeiWei
Hartmut Keil - conductor

08. Februar, Stuttgart Theaterhaus

ascolta plays... in cooperation with Festival Eclat

premieres by Sebastian Claren (UA), Alberto Posadas (UA) and Pierluigi Billone

Florian Hoelscher - piano (Posadas)

Johannes Schöllhorn - conductor (Billone)


02 September, Stuttgart Wagenhallen

ascolta plays... in cooperation with Musikfest Stuttgart

works by Younghi Pagh-Paan (UA), Dieter Mack (UA) and Iannis Xenakis

Tobias Schlierf - baritone
Johannes Kalitzke - conductor


in the current season ascolta celebrates the 10 anniversary of its founding with three concerts of the series:

1st November 2013, Stuttgart Liederhalle Mozartsaal

ascolta plays The American Dream - Utopia from the New World

works by F. Zappa, C. Nancarrow, J. Adams and Ch. Ives

Marisol Montalvo - Soprano

Michael Wendeberg - Conductor

11 December 2013, Freies Musikzentrum Stuttgart-Feuerbach

ascolta plays Harvey and Carter

double portrait concert in memory of Jonathan Harvey (1939-2013) and Elliott Carter (1908-2013)

6th June 2014, 8 pm  Theaterhaus T1

ascolta plays Beyond the Horizon

Stuttgart premieres of works by Furrer, Riehm and Tsao

Andreas Fischer - Conductor

in cooperation with the festival Summer in Stuttgart and supported by the LBBW


9th February 10 p.m., Stuttgart Theaterhaus

ascolta plays Staged Night

by Simon Steen-Andersen. A cooperation with Festival Eclat.


ascolta plays motion / emotion

The ensemble ascolta's concert series in 2012 looked at musical and gestural motion and emotion in contemporary music including choreography, dance and music theatre.

31 March, Stuttgart Music Highschool
ascolta plays motion / emotion I - Berio in scene
Berio sequenzas for trumpet, piano, guitar, cello and trombone in a staged setting.
ensemble v.act, 
Prof. Angelika Lutz - choreographie

1st November, Stuttgart Theaterhaus
ascolta plays Cage 16 Dances
for dancers and ensemble
Unterwegstheater Heidelberg
Jai Gonzales - choreographie
Michael Alber - conductor


October 8th+9th, State Art Gallery and Music Highschool Stuttgart

ascolta plays Picture Symphony

multimedia festival weekend for artistic film and contemporary music with concerts, symposion, film night and podium discussion.

November 25th, 2011

Gaisburg Church at 7.30 p.m.

ascolta plays for John Cage's 99th birthday

Cage created art works which question and extend the concepts of "art" and of "music". His music was open to any sound which might occur: percussion and prepared piano, ready-mades from the radio or from recordings, everyday and accidental sounds, and most famously, silence.

The artist Marcel Duchamp was Cage's chess partner, the dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham was his partner and collaborator. No less a figure than Arnold Schoenberg called Cage "an inventor - of genius".


November 23rd, 2010

ascolta plays the world of Paris

Paris as a meeting point for composers from around the world. Supported by the French-German Fund for contemporary music SACEM. Compositions by Iannis Xenakis, Yan Maresz, Valerio Sannicandro, Noriko Baba, Malika Kishino, and Giovanni Bertelli (world premiere). Conducted by Michael Alber.

September 15th, 2010

ascolta plays in the labyrinth of the night

in cooperation with the Stuttgart Musikfest

Compositions by Salvatore Sciarrino, Martin Smolka (world premiere), Andrew Digby/Fredéric Chopin and Tiziano Manca

May 11th, 2010

ascolta plays the Berlin Project

Premiere performances by young composers and their teachers in programme first played in the Berlin Festspiele. Compositions by Isabel Mundry, Saskia Bladt, Johannes Schöllhorn, Meng-Chia Lin, Marco Stroppa and Eduardo Moguillansky. Conducted by Johannes Schöllhorn.


December 10th, 2009

ascolta plays … Stage/Scene

The works on the programme create theatrical situations out of the music. Compositions by Robin Hoffmann, Francesco Filidei, Elena Mendoza and Jennifer Walshe.

May 21st, 2009

ascolta plays the Dialogue Experiment

A multi facetted composition by seven composers including Chaya Czernowin. Conducted by Jonathan Stockhammer.

January 11th, 2009

ascolta plays Credo in US

The USA as a meeting place for artists seeking political and artistic freedom. Compositions by Kurt Weill, Andrew Digby/Stefan Wolpe, John Cage, Conlon Nancarrow, Steve Reich and Christian Wolff.


November 4th, 2008

ascolta plays Zappa

On the day of the US-american presidential election, we show that Zappa presides for us!